Our story

Since 1982 sport and culture in the Fermo area.

Departure in Servigliano, 1996

Maratona del Piceno was born in Belmonte Piceno in 1982. It took its first steps in this small town in the Piceno hinterland: 7 years of commitment for the members of the Valtenna Running Sports Association, whose board of directors was driven by the awareness that a running event like the marathon, in a beautiful area and with a great sporting tradition like ours, could have been successful. Many difficulties were overcome, counterbalanced by the enthusiasm of the “Maratona del Piceno” community of volunteers who spontaneously formed themselves to support the work of the running team.

The race then moved to the municipality of Servigliano, remaining there for another 7 years and, passing through Grottazzolina, the town that hosted it for 12 years, Maratona del Piceno arrived, in May 2009, at its first “maritime” edition, in coinciding with the birth of the new province of Fermo.

In the meantime, a lot of ground had been travelled: many athletes and famous guests, sportsmen and women but also famous artists, who had had the opportunity, over the years, to get to know and appreciate the Maratona del Piceno Fermano sporting event, the beauty of the territories in which the warm hospitality of the organization took place from year to year.

You won’t struggle to find runners from all over Italy who are very loyal to our event, fond of the places and the different routes that the marathon has proposed in recent years; routes that developed along the lines of our splendid hills, tiring and full of enchantment.

Routes of which these athletes still retain an enthusiastic and even somewhat nostalgic memory.

The Half Marathon has been organized since 2015, with an approved route of km. 21.097 in two laps with zero altitude, entirely flat and closed to traffic on the seafront of the city of Porto San Giorgio.

1983 edition in Belmonte Piceno

2005 edition in Grottazzolina

The organizing committee

President: Doriana Valori

Vice president and technical manager: Lanfranco Offidani

General management: Bruno Andreani

Registration secretariat and distribution of bibs: Lattanzi Gianluca, Lattanzi Monica

Preparation and distribution of race packages: Romina Monaldi, Lucia Mecozzi

Warehouse Management: Lanfranco Offidani

Timing Service: Timing Data Service

Jury Service: Fidal

Graphic design: Enrica Mattioli

Board of directors: Doriana Valori, Mecozzi Lucia, Monaldi Romina, Bruno Andreani, Lanfranco Offidani, Gianluca Lattanzi, Emiliano Di Ruscio

and all the other hundreds of volunteers who offer us their help and who for many years now have been an integral and fundamental part of the organizational engine.

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Maratona del Piceno Fermano

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